It appears like it has been a very long time since a new Kirby game has been released, but Kirby and the Forgotten Land has arrived. A 3D platformer in which you, as Kirby, discover a strange new universe. Your primary goal is to go through this new world and recover the Lost Waddle Dees. You might be surprised to learn how many planets there are when you explore the various parts of the game.

How Many Worlds Are There in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has a total of seven worlds. Each of those planets is distinct, with its own scenery and foes to be discovered. Most worlds include four distinct zones and a boss battle, however this varies slightly. The following is a breakdown of each world:

  • Natural Plains: A normal Nintendo truthful grass world with 4 levels and a boss combat.
  • Everbay Coast: A tropical, water-level world with 4 levels and a boss combat.
  • Wondaria Remains: An deserted amusement park with 4 levels and a boss combat.
  • Winter Horn: A London-themed world with snow on the bottom. It has 4 levels and a boss combat.
  • The Originull Wasteland: A standard desert level with a dash of Max Max particles and wrecked ships tossed in for good measure. It, too, features four ranges and a boss fight.
  • Redgar Forbidden Lands: The penultimate world, with a fiery cityscape as the backdrop. If you overcome what lies within the world, you will be put to the test. This level contains a fifth stage on this globe while still maintaining a boss fight.
  • Lab Discovera: It’s not so much a world as it is a series of sequences leading up to the game’s final showdown. To finish the game, players will be taught shocking realities as well as face some challenging boss fights.