Assassin Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris
Siege of Paris

At the end of the AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC, you will have to make a choice between kill or spare King Charles? The two options Eivor will have are:

  • I will spare Charles
  • Charles must die

I will spare Charles choice

If you choose “I will spare Charles”, the queen will thank you. You will have to fight him, but you can catch him instead of killing him. Basically you have to lure Charles to catch him after exhausting his stamina.

Please note that if you play the game on easy difficulty, you will not be able to save his life because this option is available on the default (Viking) difficulty.

Make sure to reduce the health of the king by stunning him. The more your enemies are injured, the more stunned they will be when you lower their stamita. Once you lead him into the room, go outside, pull the lever, and close the door. Eivor makes Charles swear that he and his troops would never come to England.

Charles must die choice

If you choose “Charles must die”, Eivor will say that Charles has humiliated all his allies and his people. Richardis then replies that this was a mistake. He said that even killing Charles would not guarantee the safety of his people. Eivor says that killing Charles would at least avenge all the Nordic people he killed in France. After that, Madness of King Charles quest will start.