Kena Bridge Of Spirits
Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits has lots of skills and upgrades. Any of these skills are worth having, but some of them should be preferred over others as they will help you deal with any enemy quickly. So here we have listed all the best upgrades in the game.

Enter The Fray: This can be used to stun enemies, which can quickly make dangerous enemies vulnerable.

Parry Courage: With each parry you get a new rot action that you can use to wreak havoc.

Increased Quiver: This will give you another arrow that you can use to charge your Spirit Bow.

Sprint Attack Heavy: A powerful attack that allows you to quickly kill small enemy groups.

Rot Infused Arrow: This can do a lot of damage to you. It can line up enemies and hit them all together.

Rot Infused Bomb: Creates a large bubble and completely roots all enemies for a short time.