Frontier’s dino-wrangling administration game and cautionary story concerning the hubris of man, Jurassic World Evolution 2, is getting a particular update to mark the sequence’ thirtieth anniversary (the unique Jurassic Park premiered on June 9, 1993). It brings alongside all kinds of memorable landmarks and knick-knacks from the unique movie, it releases June 8, and it is free.

The update brings with it “greater than 20 iconic ornamental objects” from the primary Jurassic Park, by which it means stuff like a statue of Mr. DNA—the colorful, deoxyribonucleic mascot of the primary Jurassic Park—to face Ozymandias-like within the centre of your zoo as your employees and guests are gored by packs of velociraptors.

There is a lengthy roster of fine details that followers will in all probability recognise: Stuff like the primary movie’s energy bunker, its airlock gates, and the mural from the Les Gigantes restaurant. You may hold up a “When Dinosaurs Dominated the Earth” banner too, in case your style in ornament leans towards ominous foreshadowing. Frontier additionally suggests you’ll place the long-lasting “huge pile of shit” from the movie wheresoever your coronary heart tells you, in case your style in ornament leans towards regardless of the hell that’s.

Lastly, Frontier boasts that the update will embody “a set of traditional paths, faithfully designed to evoke their Jurassic Park counterparts,” that you should utilize to manage the circulation of tourists round your dino-zoo.

Dashiell Wooden appeared to have a (principally) good time with the game in his Jurassic World Evolution 2 assessment, praising the suspense of regularly “ready for the inevitable to occur”. Though its administration layer was pretty fundamental, the strain of overseeing a park that was doomed to break down right into a bloody nightmare means there actually is “nothing else fairly prefer it”. It is good, then, to see Frontier proceed giving the game its due with little nostalgic updates like this.