Jujutsu Kaisen has reached a transitional section heading into the climax of the Culling Game arc, and the latest chapter of the sequence has teased simply how robust the Particular Grade Sorcerers may actually be. Over the course of Gege Akutami’s authentic manga sequence we’ve got seen every kind of sorcerers with various talents, however there are a definite few that appear to be in a special realm of energy solely. Satoru Gojo, Yuta Okkotsu, Yuki Tsukumo, and Suguro Geto had been labeled as “Particular Grade” because of their respective talents, however we actually have solely seen a fraction of their energy in motion to date.

It is such a rarity that solely a choose few have been dubbed as a Particular Grade because of their harmful potential, and as Kenjaku explains within the latest chapter of the sequence, apparently additionally they have the ability to singlehandedly overthrow nations. This additional teases that the Jujutsu Sorcerer group as a complete fears this small group greater than they let on, and units up the form of shake ups that might occur sooner or later.

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Who Are Jujutsu Kaisen’s Particular Grade Sorcerers?

As of Chapter 203 of Jujutsu Kaisen, there have solely been 4 Particular Grade sorcerers formally revealed. These embody the at the moment sealed within the Jail Realm Satoru Gojo, the Kenjaku possessed physique of Suguru Geto, Yuta Okkotsu (who’s at the moment making his manner by way of the varied Culling Game colonies), and Yuki Tsukumo, who’s the final line of protection defending Tengen from Kenjaku. There is a query as to why every of them is working with the Jujutsu group within the first place in the event that they’re so robust, and that is one thing that also must be fleshed out.

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Gojo has been teetering on the sting of this management as he had actively finished the issues he had needed (sufficient to the purpose where the upper ups had positioned the blame on the Shibuya Incident on his shoulders), and Kenjaku is starting to show how Geto’s means to manage Cursed Spirits might be highly effective and lethal. Yuta is simply working with them to keep away from his execution, so it is actually Yuki that we simply want to assist fill in these gaps. But it surely’s clear that every of them are main targets come what may.


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