JoJo’s Weird Journey not too long ago ended Jolyne’s struggle in opposition to Pucci within the Stone Ocean by performing some severe universe bending. With one of the controversial endings in anime historical past happening, the voice of Jolyne Cujoh took the chance to not solely say goodbye to her time because the daughter of Jotaro, but in addition bid a fond farewell to Foo Fighters. Whereas the unusual Stand had her title modified to F.F. within the English model, she remained an integral a part of Jolyne’s story.

Foo Fighters, aka F.F, was simply one of many strangest characters that arrived as part of the Stone Ocean, first showing as a villain that was working for Pucci however ultimately coming to understand that Jolyne Cujoh was the suitable individual to observe. F.F. was a Stand, fashioned as a set of plankton that was defeated by Jolyne of their struggle however would then soar into the physique of a deceased inmate and journey again to Green Dolphin Avenue Jail. Sadly for Foo Fighters, she was unable to outlive the second half of the season, killed by Pucci however serving to Jolyne and Ermes of their quest on the finish of the day.

Foo Fighters Ocean

Ai Fairouz took to her Official Twitter Account to say goodbye to each her character, Ermes, and Foo Fighters, with the unusual Stand creature dying within the struggle in opposition to Pucci however giving her buddies the help that they wanted to ultimately win the day in a slightly weird method:

Within the grand finale of Stone Ocean, the world was eternally modified, because the struggle in opposition to Pucci resulted within the creation of a wholly new universe. Sadly for Foo Fighters, it seems as if she would not be part of the truth that was created thanks partially to Emporio gaining the facility of Climate Report. Jolyne Cujoh was reworked into “Irene Cujoh” on account of this aircraft of existence solid by the battle in opposition to Pucci and because the nefarious priest was by no means born, Foo Fighters was almost definitely by no means created consequently. It is difficult for positive.


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