When push involves shove, most JoJo’s Weird Journey followers will state that probably the most memorable villain of the anime franchise is Dio Brando. Arriving as the primary villain of the collection, the nefarious vampire returned as part of Stardust Crusaders and had a legacy that lasted for simply so long as the Joestars themselves. With Dio’s affect having an impact on the Stone Ocean villain often known as Pucci, Hirohiko Araki lately revealed how the diabolic priest had an impact on the franchise as an entire.

For individuals who may not be accustomed to Pucci, his powers, and his motivations, the priest discovered himself hanging up a friendship with Dio Brando that was explored in flashbacks as part of Stone Ocean’s story. Being granted a Stand by Dio often known as Whitesnake, Pucci discovered himself capable of steal each the recollections and powers of his targets, managing to switch them into compact discs. As soon as Pucci discovered himself in possession of those discs, he may place them into others which helped in forming his military to hurl at Jotaro Kujo’s daughter Jolyne. Whereas Pucci may not have hit the identical stage of recognition as Dio, Hirohiko Araki confirms that the villain’s presence made a significant change to JoJo’s Weird Journey’s manga.

Pucci’s Weird Journey

Within the JoJo Journal that was launched throughout the winter season of 2022, Araki revealed that Pucci’s advanced origins and character had the mangaka rethink where the manga must be revealed. Believing that Pucci, and thus Stone Ocean, would work higher for an older viewers, Araki made the choice to have JoJo’s Weird Journey printed in Extremely Soar versus Weekly Shonen Soar. Pucci himself is accountable for having the Joestars leap from a Shonen to a Seinen.

(Photograph: David Manufacturing)

Contemplating how Stone Ocean ended, it is unlikely that we’ll see Pucci make a comeback as fan-favorite Kishibe Rohan had finished within the newest arc of the collection, The JOJOLands. Within the newest manga collection, we’ve but to have our essential villain confirmed although it undoubtedly appears as if Jodio and Dragona are going to have difficult instances forward. Whereas David Manufacturing has been tight-lipped relating to JoJo’s anime future, followers are ready for the subsequent installment which is able to most definitely be Metal Ball Run if the anime continues sticking to the manga.

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