JoJo’s Weird Journey may need left the sleepy city of Morioh previously, however the locale was capable of make a return of types due to JoJolion. Happening in an alternate model of the city, the eighth a part of the franchise adopted a really distinctive Joestar as he tried to remain alive within the face of Stand battles. Now, a cosplaying couple has taken us again to the occasions of Diamond Is Unbreakable by taking up the elements of Josuke Higashikata and his finest buddy, Okuyasu Nijimura.

Very like many different Joestars and their allies, the connection between Josuke and Nijimura began off as an adversarial one. Nijimura was initially preventing on behalf of his brother and father, believing that the Joestar of Morioh was a risk. Fortunately, the 2 have been capable of finally make amends and change into quick pals, and Nijimura’s Stand labored effectively in defending the quiet, sleepy city. Okuyasu’s Stand, generally known as “The Hand” had the power to utterly erase no matter it touched with its appendage, which means that it was one of many deadliest up shut and private Stands to come up from the thoughts of creator Hirohiko Araki. Fortunately, Nijimura was capable of in the end capable of survive the combat in opposition to Kira when Diamond Is Unbreakable got here to a detailed.

Morioh Returns

JoJo’s Weird Journey: Diamond Is Unbreakable stays a fan-favorite entry within the long-running franchise. Whereas the sequence may discover a brand new actuality from the one which helped introduce Josuke Higashikata to the franchise, that is not to say we would not see some previous characters make a comeback within the manga’s future. In actual fact, a denizen of Morioh has returned within the newest chapter of The JOJOLands.

My accomplice and I as Josuke and Okuyasu, made by me
u/sucrose2071 in

Kishibe Rohan made a shock return within the second chapter of the newest entry within the Joestars’ manga. Whereas followers are ready to see if this is identical Rohan that appeared in Diamond Is Unbreakable, his comeback has huge implications for the story’s future. It is clear that creator Hirohiko Araki loves the mangaka who holds the Stand generally known as Heaven’s Door.

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