Sometimes you simply know.

You know what I imply? You open a brand new game, press a button or two, and it is clear as day: This one’s particular. That’s how I felt once I sat all the way down to play Schim finally weekend’s Summer Game Fest demo occasion. I solely had a couple of minutes with the game, however that was sufficient to be transfixed.

Schim’s gimmick is easy: you reside in shadows and die within the gentle. You’re a cute little ink-black frog in a duotone world that eschews textures for strikingly easy line artwork. Every stage is bathed in a unique colour: one the orange afterglow of an ideal sundown, the following a creamy blue that stands in for evening. You can swim round within the shadows and leap out, arcing via the air to dive into one other shadow with a satisfying plop.

The manner you disappear beneath the floor of a shadow as a substitute of splatting on the bottom has a magical really feel, as in case you’re flaunting the legal guidelines of actuality in what are in any other case odd environments. If you do not land in a shadow, you’ve gotten only a couple seconds, and yet one more soar, to get to security. Otherwise you are lifeless—which simply means respawning in a latest shadow, as a result of this isn’t a tough-as-nails platformer.

It virtually feels extra like a puzzle game: after only a few seconds I began gauging the distances between protected havens, making an attempt to work out how a lot velocity I wanted to land within the slender shadow of a phone pole or the complicated shadow of a parked bicycle. There’s a pleasant steadiness between acrobatic feats and moments of relaxation; after nailing a soar I’d simply swim round within the shadow of an enormous tree for a number of seconds, having fun with the frog’s frictionless glide.

The goal in Schim is to make it throughout every space, however they’re sufficiently big that you would be able to’t see the right path from the beginning. This shouldn’t be remotely a laborious game, no less than within the early ranges I performed, however it politely calls for just a bit dexterity to cross gaps where there are not any static shadows. In the park, I needed to look forward to a jogger to come back in direction of me, leap into their shadow once they had been simply barely inside vary, after which leap once more, previous them, in direction of my vacation spot. It’s a bit like taking part in The Floor is Lava, if it had been one of the aesthetic video games ever made.

(Image credit score: Ewoud van der Werf)

Schim is the form of indie game that makes me depressed about Sony’s obsession with higher beard hair or Sonic Frontiers’ ugly mishmash of cartoon hedgehog and practical greenery. As Nat Clayton would say, Schim is a potent reminder that video games can actually simply seem like this. So why do not they? Imagine a Schim, a Sable, a Solar Ash or Neon White with the funds and manpower of the following Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. Imagine each triple-A game wanting as distinctive as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I do not know if we deserve such a paradise.

But within the meantime now we have Schim. It’s the form of videogame you play and immediately assume: Yes, extra video games like this, please. I do not know when it will be completed, however I hope it is quickly.