Konami has partnered up with On-line Ceramics—the consciously, ostentatiously inelegant vogue home—to provide a line of Silent Hill 2-themed merch. That includes tees, hoodies, trousers, and lots extra in addition to, the garments all characteristic designs that appear to be they had been assembled by somebody with entry to Google Photos, a duplicate of Microsoft Paint, and a staggering deficit of aesthetic sensibility. 

They’re type of wonderful.

That is simply my opinion, after all, and the entire world appears to virtually unanimously disagree with me, however this sort of ‘I made this in a single afternoon when somebody left me alone within the college pc room’ model may be very a lot an On-line Ceramics trademark, and I feel it completely matches Silent Hill 2’s haunted ’90s vibes. I lack the verve to put on one thing as aggressively dernier cri as this hoodie emblazoned with a foggy image of Maria and the contextless quote “I do not appear to be a ghost, do I?” but when I met somebody carrying it I might in all probability do actually something they instructed me to.

Welcome to artwork. (Picture credit score: On-line Ceramics / Konami)

However alas, alack, the Silent Hill 2 fandom doesn’t share my enthusiasm. The responses to Konami’s announcement tweet all convey some variant of ‘bruh,’ and most of them regard the collaboration as yet one more indictment of Konami’s dealing with of Silent Hill as a collection. “It is really baffling what number of unhealthy selections you guys make as an organization,” replied roy_oddities on Twitter, “Silent Hill deserves to be in higher fingers”. 

One other consumer, allenr85, provided to “toss some rubbish on a tshirt and promote it for $300 bucks” in On-line Ceramics’ place, and even introduced a pattern of what they will make.

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Over within the Silent Hill subreddit, the top-voted response to the collab’s announcement comes from SirPhobos1, who wrote “These are rubbish. Particularly with the net ceramics identify on them. It is like a shirt somebody made with their inkjet printer in 2006”. 

“To love these should imply having a critical case of denial,” they concluded. Which, hey, may very well be a good evaluation.

I assume it does it price much more cash ($60 for a t-shirt!) than I might ever spend on garments personally, however that is endemic to vogue typically fairly than a selected critique of Konami or On-line Ceramics. If, like me, you are courageous sufficient to recognise that these items is nice, really, you could find the entire assortment on the On-line Ceramics web site. And should you simply wish to gawp at some extra bizarre garments, listed below are just a few of my favourites:

(Picture credit score: On-line Ceramics / Konami)

(Picture credit score: On-line Ceramics / Konami)

(Picture credit score: On-line Ceramics / Konami)