World of Warcraft is gearing up for Dragonflight, the ninth enlargement launching on November 28. A small mountain of game content material hits this week within the first a part of the pre-patch, with one other set of goodies—together with the Dracthyr—arriving within the second section on November 15.

This implies you’ve got bought a few month to prepare for the brand new zones, areas and questlines on launch day. So with that in thoughts, listed below are among the issues which might be going away when World of Warcraft: Dragonflight arrives and the brand new stuff you’ll wish to get achieved earlier than the brand new enlargement launches.

End up your Fated raids 

The entire raids from the Shadowlands have been scaled up for Season 4 and placed on a weekly rotation, providing higher gear and new achievements. This week, all three raids will turn into accessible on the Fated difficulty on a regular basis, so it is a little bit simpler to wrap up a few of these achievements or gear searching you are trying to full.

Kill each boss in every raid (Citadel Nathria, Sanctum of Domination and Sepulcher of the First Ones) on Regular, Heroic or Mythic difficulties and you will earn the Jigglesworth Sr. slime cat floor mount. Clear them on Heroic and you will additionally get the Hero of Destiny title; end Mythic and you will get portals to the raid areas. The mythic-difficulty-only mounts from Sylvanas and the Jailer, finish bosses of Sanctum of Domination and Sepulcher of the First Ones, will turn into uncommon drops after the brand new enlargement launches, so you may wish to seize them now in the event you can. The Carcizined Zerethsteed mechano-mount from killing the Jailer on Heroic difficulty will not be accessible in any respect.

On the gear entrance, you’ll be able to nonetheless earn your uncommon Dinar cash if you have not completed that quest, to purchase chosen weapons and trinkets from the raids earlier than Dragonflight. The foreign money to improve these gadgets to Heroic and Mythic difficulties will nonetheless drop from raids at these ranges and since all three raids will likely be Fated, it is going to be a lot sooner to build up the foreign money it is advisable max out your gadgets. At this level, your focus must be on weapons that can help you velocity by the degrees in Dragonflight.

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Rank, mounts and titles for different content material 

For dungeon-runners who get pleasure from five-man content material, you’ll now not be capable of get the Shrouded Hero title for rating within the prime 0.1% of Mythic Plus dungeon delvers. However Keystone Grasp and its accompanying Restoration Deathwalker mount are nonetheless accessible till Dragonflight launches. For those who clear each dungeon in Shadowlands at Mythic-plus stage 15 or greater on each Fortified and Tyrannical difficulties, you may virtually completely hit the cut-off.

For those who really feel like pushing a little bit greater, Keystone Hero achievements and the teleports they grant you to the dungeons this season will nonetheless be accessible for anybody clearing a +20 or greater till Dragonflight begins. The Nice Vault and its weekly rewards for raiders, dungeon runners and PvPers will nonetheless be open as a approach to fill out your chosen character’s leveling gear.

Just like the Shrouded Hero title, PvP titles and rank achievements will finish this week with the pre-patch, as will progress towards Gladiator and its mount. However Vicious Mount and Saddle progress will proceed till launch, and PvP Nice Vault rewards will nonetheless drop.

The largest meta-achievement of the enlargement, Again from the Past, will finish with the launch of Dragonflight. This hidden Feat of Power awards the Veilstrider title and progress is account-wide. It consists of doing almost each little bit of content material for all 4 of Shadowlands’ covenants, plus actions within the Maw, Korthia, and Zereth Mortis zones.

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There are a variety of guides to getting Veilstrider, however you may as well observe it manually. A warning–if you have not began but, have a look at the Shadowlands Dilettante covenant achievements intimately, first. They’re fairly time-consuming, and if you have not began all of them by now, it is in all probability too late. You will want to finish the next achievements:

  • Citadel Nathria
  • Chains of Domination
  • Lifeless Males Inform Some Tales
  • Faux It ‘Til You Make It
  • From A to Zereth
  • Many, Many Issues
  • Myths of the Shadowlands Dungeons
  • On the Offensive
  • Re-Re-Re-Famend
  • Sanctum Superior
  • Sanctum of Domination
  • Secrets and techniques of the First Ones
  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
  • Shadowlands Dilettante
  • Tower Ranger
  • Strolling in Maw-mphis

Stage in Dragonflight in type 

With Dragonflight so shut, most gamers’ focus will likely be on issues that final—that’s, appearances and mounts that will not be nugatory two ranges into the brand new enlargement. Shadowlands was loaded with transmog gear appearances, most from the 4 covenants that made up the enlargement. Now that you would be able to freely swap anima foreign money between covenants utilizing an merchandise bought from the seller subsequent to the flight grasp within the capital metropolis of Oribos, be sure you decide up the appearances from every covenant that you simply’d prefer to put on as you stage.

Some “hidden” look units require you to make use of particular options of the covenants’ particular buildings and occasions, similar to utilizing the mirror community in Revendreth for the Venthyr or defeating opponents in specialised methods within the Path of Ascension for the Kyrian. One of many hardest—and most depending on random probability—is the Unity set for Necrolords, and it is about to get far more tough to do.

(Picture credit score: Blizzard)

The Unity set requires you to have the Unity assemble with you, which requires a Stage 5 Stitchyard to construct. Each as soon as in an ideal whereas, a world quest within the zone of Maldraxxus will award you with an look from the set—however solely in case you have Unity out if you full it. The search would not point out prematurely whether or not it’s going to drop a chunk.

Straight away, useful people within the Maldraxxian Unity Set Announcer Discord are doing sweeps of the world quests to flush out these uncommon items. After Dragonflight launches, the percentages of that persevering with at this stage are small. Get them whereas they’re sizzling!

New collector’s gadgets to select up 

Talking of mounts and pets, a brand-new 500-mount achievement is being added this week, and it rewards the Otterworldly Ottuk Provider, an lovable spectral otter mount. New pet assortment achievements additionally are available at 1,250; 1,500; 1,750; and a pair of,000 pets.

For individuals who have been gathering the various completely different Soulshapes of the Night time Fae covenant, do not miss your probability to take these shapes anytime you want in Dragonflight. Woman Muunn within the Coronary heart of the Forest will promote the Seed of Renewed Souls this week, a toy that permits you to use your favourite shapes.

(Picture credit score: Blizzard)

Stage these alts 

Do not miss the chance to really put together your characters for leveling in Dragonflight, even when you have not fairly hit 60 but. The Winds of Knowledge 50% XP buff will final till November 15, and a nerf to the quantity of expertise wanted to get from zero to 60 will then scale back the general leveling time by about two-thirds. Due to the best way the degrees are scaled, this implies it’s going to seemingly be price getting characters to roughly stage 37 now, then leveling the remainder of the best way with the expertise squish.

It is also simpler to stage with associates, as monsters at the moment are individually tapped for loot and quest credit score for as much as 5 individuals, no matter what faction they play. So in the event you occasion up with a Horde or Alliance pal when you play the opposite faction, you’ll be able to each quest collectively with out having to kill twice as many issues. Warfare Mode monsters are nonetheless faction-tapped, nevertheless.

Lastly, in the event you plan on leveling Dragonflight’s new Dracthyr dragonkin race or Evoker class, remember to pop into the Shadowlands Public Check Realm and check out the character customizations. There are actually tens of 1000’s of combos for Dracthyr, and you do not wish to spend the primary hours of the enlargement feeling pressured to select the right combo instantly. To log into the PTR, open the Battle.internet launcher and below “Game Model” where it sometimes says World of Warcraft, click on the drop-down menu and choose “Public Check Realm”.

See you in Azeroth!