Is Twilight Garrison coming back to Destiny 2?
Screenshot through Destinypedia

Twilight Garrison was among the finest exotics within the entirety of Destiny 1. So good, in reality, that utilizing it gave Titans one of the best motion within the game. Titan mains have definitely felt its loss since then, with lots of them vocally and angrily asking Bungie to reintroduce the unique chest piece to Destiny 2.

For these unaware, Twilight Garrison gave Titans the flexibility to rapidly propel themselves in any given course, even in midair. This allowed for some damaged motion tech the likes of which we didn’t see once more till Stasis Hunters in Beyond Light.

With the reveal of Arc 3.0, there have been rumblings of Twilight Garrison lastly making its triumphant return, however is that the reality?

Is Twilight Garrison coming back? Arc 3.0 Thruster reveal.
Screenshot through Bungie

No, Twilight Garrison isn’t coming again to Destiny 2. Despite the pissed off cries of Titan mains in every single place, Bungie just isn’t bringing again the beloved unique anytime quickly. What it’s doing, although, is repackaging Twilight Garrison’s performance into an Arc 3.0 skill.

Arc 3.0 Titans get a brand new class skill referred to as Thruster. To use Thruster, you double faucet very similar to the Hunter’s dodge. When you do it, it’s going to rapidly propel you in no matter course you’re moving. That’s nice, however there’s a caveat – you possibly can solely activate the flexibility on the bottom. As most of us know, Twilight Garrison’s entire enchantment was that you may dodge in mid-air. This gave Titans a few of the greatest motion tech in your entire game. Titan-skating continues to be essentially the most highly effective motion Destiny has ever needed to today. Although, Stasis Hunters give it a run for its cash.

Hopefully, that clears up any confusion you may need had. Titans are getting a Twilight Garrison-like skill, however the armor itself isn’t making a comeback.

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