Smalland introduces players to a fantastic open world that’s built for tiny adventurers. And we don’t mean little heroes growing into something more of themselves. Instead, we’re referring to the miniaturized adventure that’s being experienced on a gigantic scale, where the players assume the roles of Vanguards. The time of the Giants has passed, and now is our opportunity to explore the wilds. With this in mind, Smalland (fully titled Smalland: Survive the Wilds) has launched onto Steam for Early Access gameplay. Stages of the game are fairly early in development, but players are already wondering if they’ll see Smalland appear on their Xbox platforms. Let’s quickly dive into it.

Will Smalland Come to Xbox Platforms?

As of this writing, Smalland doesn’t have plans to land on Xbox or any other console platforms. It commenced as a PC title, with an Early Access roadmap that explores the future of the game’s development for 2023. Upon initial launch (March 29, 2023), developer Merge Games does not mention any console expansions, solely focusing on the Early Access phase for PC.

There’s more that we can add to our answer as we explored the game’s links and socials. The big one is the Smalland Twitter page, which has been recently posting tweets about the game’s release. Many interested players have inquired about the same question, with many replying to others’ tweets. There’s no current word on Merge Games responding to any of the tweets regarding Smalland‘s potential for a console release.

This not only concerns the Xbox question but other platforms as well. Players mention possible PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions. As it appears, Merge Games didn’t make any comment, allowing the fans to continue expressing their gameplay desires. We’re certain that they will reply at some point, though. Therefore, be sure to follow their Twitter page to stay up-to-date with any intriguing announcements regarding Smalland and consoles.

In addition, the official website fails to mention anything about platform inclusivity. Only the Steam link is available for players to click on. It’s also where the Early Access Launch Trailer can be viewed, which we’ve attached above for you to check out.

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