Can you find this gaming classic in Arcade Paradise?

Bandai Namco Announces Pac-Man Museum +

If there’s one thing that Arcade Paradise does a great job at, it’s giving players a large list of various arcade cabinets to interact with and try their hand at getting each one’s top scores. With over 35 different games to choose from in Arcade Paradise, players may be curious as to whether some classic arcade games may have made their way into this celebration of retro gaming. Though there are definitely some homages to be sure, can you actually find Pac-Man as a playable game within this business sim/arcade builder?

Arcade Paradise Racer Chaser
Image via Gamer Journalist/Nosebleed Interactive

If you’re looking for a pure Pac-Man licensed arcade cabinet in Arcade Paradise, unfortunately, you will not find one. Arcade Paradise strays from fully incorporating any licensed arcade titles, instead, opting for its own rendition of the classics. If you’re looking for a Pac-Man-inspired title, look no further than Racer Chaser. One of the very first cabinets you’ll get to enjoy as you play the game, Racer Chaser is a game that may arguably be better than the vanilla Pac-Man experience.

Taking on not only Pac-Man’s collecting journey as he evades ghosts, but Racer Chaser also takes a Grand Theft Auto-inspired approach complete with a sprawling city, money to collect, and cops that take the place of ghosts. Picking up power-ups is still an option as you can roll over cops in a tank. Unlike Pac-Man, if you get hit by a cop car, you have the chance to outrun them on foot in order to save you from the “Game Over” screen, making it a better experience overall.

So while you may not get an official Pac-Man experience, its counterpart is just as good if not better.

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