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Dota 2
Image via Valve/ Dota 2 Fandom

Dota 2 is like morning coffee for regular players. They will off if they don’t get to play it. Sometimes Valve runs into problems in maintaining their servers, flipping the Dota 2 community. While there are many variables and reasons for the malfunction in the game’s server, most of them are beyond our reach to fix. That said, there are certain things we can do to make sure we are on top of things.

Dota 2 will show coordinator errors when the servers are down. There are several messages which show up on top of the game’s main menu. The “Game coordinator is currently being updated” shows when there is an upcoming update or the server is overloaded. Major problems in servers can also give messages like “Connecting to game coordinator”. Other coordinator errors are common indicators of server problems or an upcoming update.

There are several ways you can check the server status of the game.

Steam Server Status

Steam Server
Image via Screengrab of Steamstat

You can visit Steamstat’s website and check the status of Steam servers. Although this is an unofficial website for checking information, it gives accurate results. You can check the country-wise server status too. This will confirm if Steam is down in your area or the entire globe.

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Check Downdetector

Image via Screengrab of Downdetector

Players can also use the Downdetector website to check if there are any problems with Dota 2’s servers. The website also offers a comment section which often includes people ranting about poor servers and the problems they are facing currently. This will help you get an idea of the situation.

Community Forums

Apart from the websites we mentioned above. You can visit various community forums to get information on server outage or upcoming updates. Forums like Dota 2 Reddit, Dota 2 – Steam Community and even Twitter giveaway valuable information.