It’s all the time good when a gun shoots one thing apart from bullets or lasers, so I’m excited to see that in sci-fi FPS The Entropy Centre, your gun shoots time. Specifically, while you shoot your futuristic weapon at an object, that object will likely be despatched hurtling into its personal previous.

Did a walkway collapse? Shoot it! The timeline of the walkway will reverse, all that damaged concrete and twisted steel will reform, and you can stroll throughout it. Piece of cake.

Your time-rewinding gun is called ASTRA, by the best way, and it is loaded with an AI that may speak (typically simply to make a couple of sarcastic remarks while you virtually get your self killed). In The Entropy Centre, you are going to want ASTRA’s time-rewinding powers to resolve puzzles in a crumbling area station so you’ll be able to attain its core. And hopefully when you get there you may uncover a solution to do extra than simply restore damaged pillars and reverse the route of conveyor belts.

See, you are the final human alive as a result of the Earth has overheated to roughly 100 million levels. It certain could be good to level a extremely massive time-rewinding gun on the planet and ship it into its previous to avoid wasting everybody, would not it? Unfortunately, that appears like it might take much more time-bending power than ASTRA can dish out. So deeper into the station you go, searching for solutions.

There’s clearly fairly a Portal really feel to The Entropy Centre, what with the cubes, button puzzles, and snarky AI commentary, but it surely appears nice and the idea of rewinding time is a intelligent one. Speaking of time, the sci-fi FPS will likely be out someday in 2022.