A trailer for indie game Time Flies appeared at Summer Game Fest’s Day of the Devs phase at the moment, and reveals slightly fly trundling by means of a house in stark, 1-bit visuals. Old timey jazz crackles by means of a document participant within the different room, and our hero languidly hovers close to a glue entice. And then it is useless, caught to the entice like its confederates, game over, reload.

In Time Flies, you’re taking management of a fly to bop round a home undertaking objectives in your “Bucket List,” like “Go on Tour” or “Learn an Instrument.” Like a extra melancholy Untitled Goose Game, these cryptic duties have playful options: You “learn an instrument” by touchdown on a guitar’s strings to strum it, and “go on tour” by driving a vinyl document round because it performs.

The remaining twist of Time Flies is that you simply solely have a couple of minute’s playtime earlier than your little man keels over, adjusted up or down based mostly on what nation you select firstly of the game. Lucky scions of rich and highly effective international locations can push ninety seconds of playtime, whereas these from the worldwide south have hauntingly little time. Co-creator Michael Frei notes that in case you have a decrease life expectancy, “you have a little bit less time to achieve the things you want in life.”

With that framing, the Fly’s very human-sounding to-do listing takes on a brand new, very unhappy cast. Time Flies has the potential to be an attention-grabbing reckoning with your personal mortality, as will as along with your place on the earth relative to others.

Time Flies is being developed by Michael Frei and Raphael Munoz, and you’ll comply with improvement through its official web site.