The Saints Row character creator at all times ensures that I’ll spend a couple of third of my time simply recreating my Boss. In Saints Row 4, with its superhero conceit, it was in all probability extra like half. In the Saints Row reboot, you’ll conduct your vogue crimes at any time simply by mentioning the menu, and also you needn’t wait till August. You can download the software without delay. 

Boss Factory is a free, standalone recreation of Saints Row’s character creator, and you may seize it on the Epic Games Store and begin tinkering away. I received my palms on it a wee bit early and naturally I instantly tried to make our pal Geralt. 

(Image credit score: Deep Silver)

The physique was easy. Pale, white hair, yellow eyes, huge scar—you have received your self Geralt. Though for the lifetime of me I couldn’t get his beard any lighter than a silvery-grey. For the broad stuff it is nice, for probably the most half, although I discovered it a lot more durable to get characters where I needed when it got here to the smaller particulars. 

While there is a pretty substantial wardrobe, it is presumably the stuff we’ll be utilizing to create our Boss right firstly of the game, so it is lacking among the selection and out-there costumes that you just sometimes find yourself with in a Saints Row. And that is why I needed to make, as magazine editor Robin Valentine put it, ‘Leather Daddy Geralt’. There’s no leather-based armour or chainmail, so a leather-based corset and sleeveless biker jacket needed to do. There’s jewelry—no wolf pendant, although—however after I gave him a series it eliminated the jacket for some cause. So his neck needed to go unadorned. Sorry, Geralt.

After ending Leather Daddy Geralt, I nonetheless had the itch. The itch to make science man and crowbar fanatic Gordon Freeman. 

(Image credit score: Deep Silver)

Even with out his swimsuit and crowbar, and even with me placing completely no effort into sculpting his face, I nonetheless see Gordon Freeman right here. I is likely to be biased. 

Disco Elysium’s Kim Kitsuragi subsequent! Yes, by this level I used to be simply skiving work. 

(Image credit score: Deep Silver)

I’m truly fairly happy with this one, even when I wasn’t capable of finding the precise hair or ‘tache. 

Kim’s design—the true one—jogs my memory plenty of Gordon’s. Beyond the truth that they like orange. ZAUM and Valve got here up with a pair of characters that, within the context of videogames a minimum of, are tremendous mundane. But they’re concurrently iconic. Bold and boring layered on prime of one another. But Kim is considerably simpler to create in Saints Row, and thus is objectively higher than Gordon. 

OK, onto the subsequent one. It’s 100% actual cockney, Tracer! 

(Image credit score: Deep Silver)

So… I’m solely realising now that it is one other orange one. Is this my unconscious telling me one thing? Do I would like extra vitamin C? Anyway! This one might be closest to her inspiration, even with out the sci-fi gizmos. They say you must exit on a excessive, so I ended my foray into Saints Row’s wardrobe there. 

I’m trying ahead to the model of Boss Factory that exists as soon as you have hit the outlets and unlocked some new vogue disasters, nevertheless it’s already fairly versatile. Prosthetics are a welcome addition, and the boundaries that may crop up in character creators with locked-in, gender-specific choices aren’t current right here. There are no ‘male’ or ‘feminine’ selections, only one checklist everybody shares, right right down to Saints Row’s trademark chest and groin sliders. 

If you are keen on rocket launchers, you may nab your self an unique one by registering for a Saints Row account through Boss Factory, which might be unlocked when Saints Row launches on August 23. And check out my Saints Row preview from May for a greater thought of what to anticipate from the reboot.