“Life like and grounded” is how Bethesda has described its method to Starfield’s aesthetic. A lot of the look of its expertise, spaceships, and even style is influenced by the look of current day area journey, an method the developer has dubbed “NASApunk.” 

For essentially the most half, it actually works. It is slightly dry and stuffy for my tastes—I might desire a extra welcoming and vibrant galaxy—however it’s a coherent aesthetic that units clear expectations of the type of sci-fi tales Starfield is telling. Area journey appears to be like weighty and convincing, and even its aliens really feel like believable extraterrestrial wildlife, moderately than simply monsters to combat. It is a sci-fi journey where you will uncover unusual and great issues, however with a unfastened basis of actual science and a transparent throughline from the current day into this future. 

So, er, why is it additionally an area western stuffed with cowboys?

Bethesda’s newest deep dive into the game was stuffed with little “Huh?” moments like that for me. If it is a sensible setting, why am I seeing folks combating with swords and fists in spacesuits? Why are there full on wild west frontier cities full of individuals sporting ten gallon hats on different planets? Why did the presentation finish with the character casting area magic?

(Picture credit score: Bethesda)

I am no enemy of weirdness—I like my video games to get goofy, and particularly in a giant open world it is nice to have all types of strangeness to find. However right here it is utterly at odds with the tone that is being established. 

Take the weapons, for instance. You have received this enormous choice of very convincingly trendy army model weapons, with limitless attachments and mods to please any gun nut, however then randomly within the combine there is a minigun and an enormous double-barreled shotgun, each of which look right out of Doom. Or character creation—you are going by way of all these very staid choices for who your character is, with expertise with names like “rifle certification”, however then you definitely get to choose in case your character has alien DNA, worships a large snake, or has a cartoonish fanboy following them across the galaxy. I simply do not see the way it clicks collectively.

The legacy of Fallout is obvious, right here. The apocalyptic wastelands of these video games are a free-for-all—you by no means know whether or not spherical the following nook you are going to discover a ghoul turning right into a tree, a sword that units folks on hearth, or a vault stuffed with clones. However that goofiness, that wild shifting of tone, has at all times been Fallout’s vibe. It really works as a result of these video games are set in a weird retro-future universe impressed by sci-fi b-movies, not a practical interpretation of a post-nuclear world. 

It appears like Bethesda has intentionally moved to distance Starfield from Fallout, and take it in a really totally different path—however it by some means cannot fairly shake all its Fallout habits. The second I noticed a posed skeleton come on display screen as a developer stated “environmental storytelling”, it grew to become clear that there are some grooves the studio could by no means climb out of. A sure stage of goof appears to be baked into the studio’s DNA. 

(Picture credit score: Bethesda)

To me, that is a disgrace, as a result of it means Starfield feels a bit just like the worst of each worlds. Sacrifices are made for its arduous sci-fi ambitions. For instance, the companion characters are far much less visually or conceptually thrilling than we’re used to. It is smart for this setting that we would be hanging out with fairly blandly regular trying folks moderately than an android detective or a Tunnel Snake, however it’s a tougher tablet to swallow if that sensible environment goes to be usually punctured by off-kilter nonsense like two himbos taking their goldfish to the seashore. At that time, I might moderately Bethesda had simply embraced the silliness and made a extra exuberant, vibrant game to match. 

Clearly it is nonetheless early days—we have not been capable of go hands-on with Starfield but, and the proof will finally be within the area pudding as as to if all these parts do click on collectively right into a coherent setting or not. However for me, if after a forty five minute deep dive presentation I am nonetheless left with extra questions than solutions about Bethesda’s new galaxy, that is motive sufficient for concern.