Dragon’s Dogma 2 has an arrow that may immediately kill something within the game, be it a griffin or the ultimate boss. It is often called the Unmaking Arrow, and the merchandise description breaks the fourth wall to warn you of how treasured it’s: “The last word arrow, mentioned to kill immediately,” it reads. “Notice: As soon as fired, the game will mechanically save, so select your second with due care.”

You possibly can really discover two—that we all know of—within the game. Certainly one of them might be purchased from a sure NPC (no spoilers!) in a collapse Battahl or as a reward for fixing the Sphinx’s riddles. As you’d count on, gamers are holding onto this legendary arrow to instakill the game’s hardest monsters as a result of, as the outline says, there is not any taking it again as quickly as you fireplace it. And if you happen to aren’t conscious, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is virtually proof against save-scumming.

It isn’t proof against Cheat Engine, nevertheless, so I began up a brand new game and gave myself 99 of those dangerous boys.

It seems the Unmaking Arrow is fairly good so long as the game would not name a foul. I flung one at Medusa within the intro sequence and coated her in lethal white tentacles. She fell over in entrance of me after which was immediately revived for the cutscene of her fleeing, as if I hadn’t simply annihilated her. I did not get something for it, both: no loot, no achievement. Nothing.

(Picture credit score: Tyler C. / Capcom)

The primary goblins I got here throughout weren’t as fortunate. When the arrow hit, your complete pack of them exploded into tentacles—which I didn’t count on. Similar with the harpies. I used to be firing so many Unmaking Arrows I assumed perhaps the game would break with all of the auto-saves I used to be triggering. It held up lengthy sufficient for me to hit the flashback dragon battle in Melve that forces you to make use of the alternative of essentially the most highly effective weapon within the game: a dinky sword and a wood protect. My hopes of a hidden ending or some sort of sequence break had been crushed.

After turning into canonically heartless, I headed for the capital. Alongside the way in which I deleted extra goblins and harpies in addition to a pawn who rudely interrupted me. They only fell over and turned to smoke after I tentacled them, if you happen to’re questioning.

The entire scripted sequence where a cyclops breaks out of a rock to dam my path took longer to animate than it did for me to unmake him. I additionally had essentially the most informal three-second battle in opposition to an ogre and I do not really feel dangerous about it as a result of they apparently have a status for looking girls.

(Picture credit score: Tyler C. / Capcom)

The Unmaking Arrow is precisely as highly effective because it says on the tin.

On the metropolis gates, a guard requested for proof of citizenship that I did not have as a result of the NPCs who had been presupposed to escort me there have been “drained” and “wanted relaxation.” However the entire citizenship downside was nothing slightly unmaking could not remedy. I took out the guard and threw their physique within the river to cover the proof—despite the fact that I am fairly certain everybody witnessed the lady in rags shooting essentially the most highly effective arrow in existence in broad daylight. Fortunately, everybody agreed it was none of their enterprise and so they let me in.

The Unmaker’s story ends right here. I might’ve continued till a correct boss battle, however I am unable to think about its dying would look any totally different than all the opposite monsters I fired these nasty arrows at. The Unmaking Arrow is precisely as highly effective because it says on the tin. It could possibly really take out a number of enemies without delay or one massive enemy, and the game would not appear to thoughts if in case you have 99 of them. Whereas it is extraordinarily humorous to only use one on a forgettable group of goblins, I might most likely hold it in a protected place till you run into one thing far worse.

Simply, for the love of god, do not miss.