Game devs all the time love giving their “very laborious” mode some form of goofy identify. You recognize: “Madness,” “Nightmare,” “I’m Dying incarnate!,” “Hell Bastard Apocalypse,” one thing cute like that. The ultra-difficult “Mad Chainsaw Mode” hidden within the Resident Evil 4 demo is among the first to really really feel prefer it deserves its epithet, although.

Mad Chainsaw mode menu screen describing its intense challenge, run-limited nature, and that it will not be in the final game

(Picture credit score: Capcom)

First reported by Eurogamer, you could have a random likelihood of unlocking the mode every time you begin a brand new run of the demo⁠—it is unclear if it’s important to end it as soon as to unlock the chance. Mad Chainsaw Mode ramps up enemy HP, poise, and aggression whereas additionally mixing up their placement, and I hear inform that beloved Chainsaw Man Dr. Salvador (where’d he get his diploma, anyway?) is swapped for his crazy-strong Mercenaries Mode alter-ego Large Chainsaw Man in the course of the large dust-up on the finish of the demo. However I did not make it that far.

I’ve crushed RE4 six or seven instances now, a few of these on Skilled difficulty, and I’ve additionally five-star sweeped the Mercenaries mode to unlock the game’s final Handcannon weapon. I fairly handily cleared the demo final evening and figured “I am an RE4 professional, I am prepared for this!”

I used to be not prepared for this. On the demo’s very first struggle not one, however 4 premium extra-strength Ganados rushed in to greet me. I wasted all my ammo, knife sturdiness, and solely therapeutic spray to not even drop all of them, then promptly Yakety Saxed my manner so far as I might till some Castilian bumpkin with a grudge gave me the previous Geralt of Rivia on the finish of a hay fork.

It did not even really feel like a correct difficulty mode as a lot because it did a trolling ROM hack, and it was hilarious. For an precise likelihood of beating the factor, I’ve to think about you’d want some combo of the basic PS1 survival horror “simply juke them and run previous” strat with an intensive mastery of the remake’s new stealth mechanics.

Greater than the rest although, I feel Mad Chainsaw Mode is powerful proof that the RE4 remake’s reinvigorating this basic game in some significant methods. It is stunning and humorous and arcadey; it has the madcap tacky vitality of the unique however slots completely in with the brand new game’s unimaginable presentation. The Mad Chainsaw Mode’s popup says it will not be within the ultimate game when it releases March 24, however I will be shocked if there is not one thing prefer it, no less than within the Mercenaries survival mode.