Within the sprawling megacity of Sydney3, a younger detective turns into the unwilling host of a parasitic gauntlet and positive aspects the facility to combat again in opposition to the rising menace spreading by the decrease ranges,” begins the outline for Samurai Unicorn, an in-development lofi horror game that I’m truthfully instantly intrigued by based mostly completely on the power of the visuals of its enemies, the VRmin. Get it? Vermin, however contaminated by evil VR headsets or no matter. VRmin.

They’re like if HR Giger was obsessive about expertise from the early 2000s. They’re the blocky, toaster-sized projector on the ceiling of the college classroom that no person has tried to make use of since 2005, the identical yr it was put in. I’m right here for the VRmin.

Samurai Unicorn will likely be an motion horror game, one thing that I am guessing is slightly punchier and fightier than early Resident Evil video games, however nonetheless has the story pacing of these video games. Detective Klo will  hunt by the streets of Sydney3 to unravel the schemes and secrets and techniques of the monolithic cyberpunk company paperwork of the Goliath company. 

Personally I am actually within the eponymous Samurai Unicorn, which in all probability resides in that aforementioned parasitic gauntlet and apparently permits Klo to ship  “devastating melee assaults” and to “Face off in opposition to monstrous Dream Eaters in difficult boss fights.” I type of love the concept of transitioning from tense horror fight to bizarre cyberverse battles! I do not know if that is what they imply, however I like it.

The extra conventional third individual shooting appears fairly neat as well, with a deal with enemies that react to where they’re shot and limb dismemberment permitting you to disable or restrict their vary of assault. Shotguns will likely be concerned.

Samurai Unicorn additionally guarantees to have various and attention-grabbing characters to satisfy, together with “intimately crafted hub areas” that I hope play into the detective-work and thriller fixing components of the narrative.

Yow will discover Samurai Unicorn on Steam and its web site, samuraiunicornps1.com.