Two teases on Hunt: Showdown’s Twitter account within the final two days have satisfied me that the following characteristic and creature added to the game will likely be a flying surveillance bug that gamers can use to spy on opponents. And I feel it could possibly be arriving as quickly as subsequent month.

The above picture, shared yesterday, was really centered on the return of the promotional pores and skin Billy Story, a likeable homage to Daniel Day Lewis’ character from Gangs of New York. But cautious observers (ie, these with no less than one eye) can take extra from the flittering silhouette launched from Billy’s hand, a flying beetle that we have by no means seen earlier than. Surely this scary scarab is not only for ornament—it might be out of precedent for Crytek to indicate a element like this and never again it up with one thing concrete.

And in a short time, it did. Exactly 24 hours and 1 minute later, the crew at Crytek shared this quick video:

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It exhibits a hovering first-person digital camera patrolling certainly one of Hunt’s jail compounds. A creepy-crawling, upsetting exoskeletal sound could be heard. The closely vignetted imaginative and prescient—blackened like a contemporary safety digital camera—pulses in rhythm with a heartbeat. This has gotta be our bug.

The accompanying lore blurb for the video even alludes to a newly found creature: “As current findings are relatively new, and scientists have yet to conclude their research, we can only assume that further information will be revealed in the near future regarding this species, and their origins.”

To be clear, Crytek and the Hunt: Showdown crew have not explicitly introduced the existence of a bug merchandise or characteristic. But a number of info assist this educated guess: 

  1. Crytek has talked for years about tenting as a conduct in Hunt: Showdown, one thing that it most likely does not need to remove totally however has taken steps prior to now to curtail, like when the studio redesigned compound layouts in 2018. An aerial drone can be one other incremental means of actually nudging campers out of their consolation zone.
  2. On September 5, the studio shared a chunk of in-fiction sketchbook artwork exhibiting a flying beetle alongside an outline that learn “…an erratic, unified movement—a so called “hivemind conduct’—between the beetles and their keepers.'” With the added context of today’s video, this sounds like a lore explanation for how players will take control of the flying beetles: through some version of the existing darksight ability.
  3. A flying surveillance camera, as it’s showcased in the video, would be a Hunt-equivalent of gadgets we’ve seen in games like Rainbow Six Siege, where the character Echo has an aerial RC drone that behaves similarly to the clip 
  4. Previous promotion of Billy Story from summer 2020 did not feature this insect familiar

Hunt community members had previously been speculating that some manner of beetle monster was to be Hunt’s next, unannounced boss. A video from Hunt YouTuber HomeReel laid out the case on September 9, pointing to patch notes and bug fixes that had reduced “the efficiency overhead of idle AI,” which HomeReel believed may point out Crytek laying the groundwork for a bug or swarm-themed boss made up of many.

Of course, Hunt kinda-sorta already has a bug-based boss: the Assassin, a skittering pile of crawlies that shifts out and in of humanoid kind, splitting into copies of itself, and sometimes protecting the participant’s display in bugs.

Hunt is only a few days away from the tip of its 60-day Serpent Moon occasion, and with Halloween being an ideal thematic match for the game’s creepy, horrific ambiance, releasing a brand new creature to accompany the Twitch drop-exclusive Billy Story character promotion (scheduled for October 12) can be a great way to kick off the season.