Demon Wind is the second full film that Excessive on Life permits you to watch in-game, for those who really feel inclined to spend an hour and a half doing extra than simply blasting G3 Cartel grunts. Not like Tammy and the T-rex, which you’ll watch with Gene right after you defeat the primary boss, watching Demon Wind requires a couple of extra steps, and also will enable you get the movie show achievement.

To be able to begin finishing the steps to observe this film, you may have to have defeated 9-Torg, and likewise 5-Torg for those who felt prefer it. For those who’re trying to find achievements, be sure you additionally take the chance to stab Gene when you possibly can, in any other case, you may miss out on that one. That mentioned, here is tips on how to uncover the movie show and watch the complete Demon Wind film in Excessive on Life.

How you can watch Demon Wind 

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High on Life Demon Wind - Ranchy in the mansion

You will get the warp distant from Ranchy (Picture credit score: Squanch Video games)
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High on Life Demon Wind - Warp disc store

Blorto’s Kiosk may be very near your home (Picture credit score: Squanch Video games)
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High on Life Demon Wind - Warp crystals

Clear cartel outposts to get warp crystals (Picture credit score: Squanch Video games)
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High on Life Demon Wind - the movie theater

You’ll be able to summon the movie show at a blue warp level (Picture credit score: Squanch Video games)

To look at Demon Wind, you are going to should unlock the movie show, and this requires you to get two issues: the warp distant and the movie show warp disc, which prices three warp crystals. First off, you get the warp distant from Ranchy in the course of the Krubis bounty hunt, and it basically permits you to summon buildings and objects utilizing discs if you stand in blue highlighted areas.

When you get the distant, you may unlock Blorto’s Kiosk in Blim Metropolis. This meals retailer is just about right outdoors your home, and Blorto sells you warp discs in change for warp crystals. In the course of the Krubis bounty hunt, you may have the possibility to clear a few G3 Cartel outposts and extract warp crystals from their drives. You may want three total to purchase the movie show disc, so you need to go full the Douglas bounty hunt as effectively to get extra.

Once you return, you may have to satisfy the mayor of Blim Metropolis, however after that, head to Blorto’s Kiosk and purchase the movie show disc. You’ll be able to activate the theater at one of many blue highlighted areas. I went again to the Zephyr Paradise Higher Valley portal since there is a warp level simply to the left of it, up the hill. To journey again to earlier locations, you need to use the second tab on the left within the Bounty 5,000 laptop. Head to the blue highlighted space, choose the movie show disc to make it seem, then go on inside and sit to observe the movie. This additionally will get you to ‘We Paid For Rights to Put a Complete Film’ achievement.