The Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle is discovered inside a burial chamber within the southwest of the area. The tomb is straightforward to stumble throughout fairly early on within the game, particularly in the event you’re exploring within the hope of capturing animals so as to add to your social gathering, and nothing is stopping you from venturing inside as quickly as you discover it—offering you could have the Krowns to purchase the required torches.

The puzzle itself is not notably difficult, although discovering the proper runes to unravel it may be troublesome at midnight confines of the tomb. The puzzle resolution can be completely different every time so I am going to clarify precisely what you might want to do on this guide. With that in thoughts, here is how one can remedy the Tiltren tomb puzzle in Wartales.

Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle guide 

To enter the Tiltren tomb, you will want torches to see where you are going. You should purchase these from the seller standing outdoors for 27 Krowns every. They do not final indefinitely although, and you will be spending torch prices every time you discover deeper into the tomb so it is a good suggestion to refill earlier than you head inside.

There are three runes to search out in complete, they usually correspond to a color on the puzzle mechanism. The mechanism requires one among your social gathering members to have the Scholar occupation, however don’t be concerned if nobody has it, as you may be taught it on the spot. As talked about above, the runes change for every participant, so you will want to search out them your self if you wish to remedy the puzzle.

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Wartales tomb puzzle

First rune location. (Picture credit score: Shiro Video games)
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Wartales tomb puzzle

The second rune location. (Picture credit score: Shiro Video games)
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Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle

The rubble pile that results in the room with the third rune. (Picture credit score: Shiro Video games)
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Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle

The third rune location. This one might be laborious to see. (Picture credit score: Shiro Video games)

The first rune is discovered within the room subsequent to the one with the puzzle mechanism. Head again by the doorway to the underside left nook of the display screen and use your cursor to gentle up the sq. slab of stone mendacity on the ground on this room. It’s best to see the primary rune painted onto it.

From the primary rune, head by the exit to the underside right of the display screen, then take the route on the highest right within the subsequent room. The second rune is on the wall to the left. You will know you are in the correct room as a result of there is a statue that makes you wish to sing in the event you examine it on the far aspect.

Return to the earlier room, and this time, select to discover previous the rubble on the backside left. You will be requested if you wish to proceed cautiously or run. I selected to proceed cautiously and acquired to the opposite aspect with out mishap. The third rune is the trickiest to identify because it’s laborious to gentle up the realm, however you could find it on the ground, near the underside of the display screen.  

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Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle

Puzzle mechanism. (Picture credit score: Shiro Video games)
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Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle

You will want a Scholar to unravel the puzzle. (Picture credit score: Shiro Video games)
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Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle

The puzzle mechanism interface. (Picture credit score: Shiro Video games)

Now you could have all three runes memorised, head again to the puzzle mechanism. You will see three completely different colored symbols and a button beneath them. Click on on every image to rotate the curler and choose those you discovered. The order you might want to put them corresponds to the color of every rune. It is also value noting that in the event you mess up, your scholar will turn into injured so you will must deal with them with medication to have one other go.

As soon as you’ve got solved the puzzle, head ahead and you will be thrown into a comparatively straightforward battle with rats and zombies. Then you definately’ll have the choice to interrupt open a tomb—which requires a miner—and obtain your Tiltren tomb rewards:

  • Treasure of the Ancients
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Artist’s Codex – Chapter 3

Rewards from breaking the tomb. (Picture credit score: Shiro Video games)