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In Genshin Impact, considered one of Inazuma’s regional specialties is Naku Weed. It’s a harmful plant that can be utilized to finish a number of regional quests along with being an ascension merchandise for regional characters. But, some gamers might get tripped up on how one can discover this merchandise on the planet of Teyvat. Here’s how one can get Naku Weed in Genshin Impact.

Where to Buy Naku Weed?

It is perhaps some gamers first intuition to buy Naku Weed. If so, they will get hold of this elusive merchandise in Inazuma City at Tsukumomono Groceries. The store maintain Aoi will restock 5 Naku Weed each couple of days and promote them for 1,000 mora every (5,000 mora if you would like the complete inventory). It won’t appear definitely worth the bother for such a low amount of Naku Weed, however should you attain Reputation Rank 4 in Inazuma, you’ll achieve a ten% low cost.

Can You Grow Naku Weed?

If you’re extra thinking about making the most of your green thumb to develop Naku Weed, excellent news! Thanks to the gardening update within the Summer of 2021, you may! Just use the Luxurious Glebe plot, which might be purchased from Tubby for 300 realm forex. If you select to go this route, funds round three days for the Naku Weed to complete rising!

Where to Find Naku Weed?

What should you’re the sort to chuckle within the face of hazard? If so, then you could find a a lot greater output of Naku Weed merely by exploring areas infused with electro power. But, should you train endurance and self-discipline, this job might be made a lot simpler. As you full sure questlines, the electro power in these areas might be dispelled.

If you journey to the Mikage Furnace — when you’ve accomplished the Tatara Tales questline — you may get hold of Naku Weed by wanting beneath the Furnace itself. This space is tormented by Fatui, so no matter whether or not you dispel the electro power or not, you’ll must be ready for a treacherous hunt.

In a lot the identical manner that you simply dispelled the electro power on the Mikage Furnace, should you full the Seirai Stormchasers questline, you too can search for Naku Weed on Seirai Island. If you choose to take this route, you may farm round 70 items of Naku Weed per go to, making this one of many finest strategies of acquiring this merchandise.

If you will have already accomplished the Tatara Tales questline, there’s some Naku Weed close to the Gorge situated on Yashiori Island. Otherwise, there’s additionally some items of this illusory merchandise on the base of Mt. Yougou, situated by the electrical water.

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