Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

Building bases is an important step that all players will eventually take in Subnautica: below zero, but it depends on the complexity of these bases. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with building a horizontally-spanned base on a single plane, players can also make full use of the vertical space. In order to build a base in this way and take advantage of the three-dimensional nature of underwater space, players will need to build vertical connectors. These items allow players to build up as well as out and exit when creating their own base.

To build a vertical connector, the player first needs to obtain a habitat generator. This is the element that allows players to build a base in the first place, so if they start to explore verticality in this area, most players may already have it.

To craft a vertical connector, players only need to combine two Titaniums with Habitat Builder. Since this is one of the most common resources in the game, players should be able to find it easily. At this point, the placement of the parts is the same as the placement of any base part, but there are some major limitations.

At the time of writing, vertical connectors can only be connected toI Compartment, I Glass Compartment on the bottom, T Compartment, and X Compartment base modules. Except for vertical, no other basic module can accommodate this this piece.

After establishing the vertical connector, the player may also be confused about how to traverse it and reach other levels of the base. There is no water in the base, so players can’t just swim, which means they need a ladder. Although strange, the advantage of this is that no matter how high the vertical connector is, one ladder is enough. In other words, just place a ladder on this piece, whether it is as a piece or as four vertical connectors stacked on top of each other.

The application of vertical connectors is obvious, but it may be difficult to understand at first. Players may find themselves trying to connect it to an incompatible module, or unsure how to pass it after the build.