How to Use the Fortnite XP Glitch (Working June 2022)
Image through Epic Games

The unlucky factor about taking part in video games like Fortnite is that, even in the event you’re keen to sometimes shell out some money, you possibly can’t at all times dodge the grind. After all, in the event you may max out your stage in a day, you wouldn’t have any purpose to hold taking part in. Of course, not everybody has time for weeks on finish of grind, so in the event you’re in dire want of XP, there’s somewhat quirk you possibly can exploit. Here’s use the Fortnite XP glitch.

How to Use the Fortnite XP Glitch

This technique makes use of specially-designed Islands that, after a fast spot of tinkering, will can help you earn XP passively, permitting you to go AFK and go do one thing else together with your day. While you received’t expertise a direct windfall of XP, these AFK quantities can add up after some time, and it’s good to not must put in a lot precise effort to get it, particularly if you solely have a lot time to finish a Battle Pass.

How to Use the Fortnite XP Glitch (Working June 2022)
Image through Epic Games

There are a number of maps you are able to do this for, and in the event you search on social platforms just like the Fortnite subreddit, you must be capable to discover some fairly simply. We’ll offer you a freebie right here, although, in addition to a step-by-step on use it.

Using the AFK Map

  1. Enter the next Island Code into the immediate in your game browser: 1579-8403-8214
  2. Load into the Island and wait a second whilst you get dropped firstly level.
  3. You ought to see a Change Your Skin sales space on the far facet of the room you load into. Jump into the sales space.
  4. You’ll be warped to a staircase, which you want to climb to the highest of.
  5. At the highest, you’ll discover a door resulting in an outside balcony rimmed by a brief fence topped with small lightbulbs. Interract with the third bulb in your right, and also you’ll get a immediate that reads “Earn XP.”
  6. When you work together with that bulb, you’ll be dropped again within the beginning room, where you’ll begin slowly accumulating XP. You can now step away from the game whereas the XP flows in.

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One final be aware: ensure to periodically return to the game to ensure the XP continues to be coming in, as it is going to cease after some time. If the XP does cease, simply depart the map, load it again up, and observe the instructions once more to restart the XP stream.