Hood Outlaws & Legends
Hood Outlaws & Legends

Hood Outlaws & Legends pits the two teams against each other to see which team can complete the perfect medieval heist. To successfully complete the heist, you will need to bypass the AI ​​guard and other players. You need to use ingenuity, communication skills, and special skills to get the job done.

The following are the methods for using the abilities in “The Hood and the Legend” and their functions.

Before jumping into what these abilities are and how to use them, it’s important to note that if an enemy player triggers or sees any alarms, you can’t use any of them. If you and your team want to be successful here, Stealth is the way to go.

There are four categories in Hood Outlaws & Legends, and each category has a unique feature that can be used by pressing Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation. The four categories are Ranger, Hunter, Brawler, and Mystic. The following is a summary of each of its technologies:

RangerDraw an ethereal arrow that will explode shortly after impact.
HunterBlend into your surroundings, hence undetectable to guards and almost invisible to rival players.
BrawlerEnhance your offensive and defensive capabilities.
MysticSwing the flail to create space or launch it forward to deliver a heavy impact, stunning enemies for a short duration to create openings for others.

For those who like to lean back and lean from a distance, the Ranger is a long-range option. Hunters avoid direct confrontation by remaining invisible, which is the perfect choice. Fighters can protect their teammates while hiding or avoiding dangerous situations. Finally, the mystics can help them strategically avoid the enemy by showing their location.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use abilities in Hood Outlaws & Legends, and what they do.