Type V Armor in Tower of Fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy, the free-to-play MMORPG, there are a number of methods of destroying your opponents. With dozens of weapons and distinctive combos, you’ll by no means be bored when going through the evils and enemies of Aida. However, there aren’t simply the weapons to make use of to dispatch enemies. Relics can be utilized offensively, granting you severe edge and dealing important injury on the battlefield.

The Type V Armor is a mech go well with with a number of offensive functionality that your character can pilot to deal heavy injury to all that get in its approach. If you need to get your fingers on this severe piece of package, then right here is your guide on discovering the Type V Armor in Tower of Fantasy.

What is Type V Armor in Tower of Fantasy?

This SSR Relic is a mech go well with that your character can don that has a number of offencive instruments to help you in battle. As properly as granting you safety and sure immunities, the Type V Armor is greater than succesful at destroying your foes, permitting you much more time to both escape or end them off.

The game has this to say concerning the relic:

Pilot a droid to battle for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 200 seconds. Immune to hitstun. Tap once more to exit and blow up the droid. Skill Aimed Shot.

Aimed Shot: Shoot quickly to deal injury.

Tower of Fantasy

The Type V Armor can be upgraded to considerably enhance its functionality in battle, with a pyromantic edge. From all injury inflicting burn to defending the person from burn, the Type V Armor also can achieve the fireplace area talent, which offers important injury and inflicts burn.

It isn’t any surprise, you might have considered trying this mech go well with in your assortment, however how do you unlock it?

How to unlock Type V Armor

It is not going to be a straightforward feat to realize this relic by yourself. Type V Armor could be unlocked in two methods, both by amassing 30 Type V Armor relic shards or by attaining 1050 Exploration Points in Crown.

Relic shards are acquired by defeating bosses as a reward, so are a bit troublesome to pay money for.

Exploration factors are gained by interacting with the world, activating provide pods, defeating strongholds, exploring ruins, activating area rifts, and way more. By doing these actions, you’ll achieve exploration factors, and by hitting sure milestones, you can be rewarded.

Whichever occurs first, don’t overlook to activate the relic wither by clicking on it within the relic menu or hitting ‘claim’ within the exploration menu for Crown.

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