FH5:HW Baja Bone Shaker

Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels has officially launched on Xbox consoles and PC, bringing players back for a nostalgia trip unlike any other. With a huge new Hot Wheels Park, various tracks, and 10 brand-new Hot Wheels cars to drive around in, there’s a lot to unpack.

And while it’d be nice to have access to all 10 cars from the moment the expansion boots up, that unfortunately, is not the case. Every car has to be unlocked by playing the DLC’s various challenges. Right now, we’ll explain how to unlock the first car in the Hot Wheels expansion, the Baja Bone Shaker.

FH5:HW Baja Bone Shaker FP

Though it would definitely be great for Xbox to give players access to all 10 cars at the start of their Hot Wheels adventure, there are going to be various hoops that they will have to jump through for each and every car. The expansion’s campaign, “Hot Wheels Academy” visibly has 5 cars locked behind each of the 5 ranks; rookie, pro, expert, elite, and legend. These ranks are unlocked by completing challenges and earning medals.

One of those 5 cars is the Baja Bone Shaker which is actually the very first car that you will unlock at the beginning of your Hot Wheels journey. In order to unlock it the first thing you have to do is make sure that you’ve completed the first 15 minutes of the initial Forza Horizon 5 campaign experience.

After that, make sure that you have the Hot Wheels Expedition located on your map. If you do, go drive to and start the Hot Wheels Expedition. The Hot Wheels Expedition is similar to the sort of on-rails experience that you’re given upon your first boot of the main Forza Horizon 5 game.

This is a fantastic event that basically shows you what’s in store for your time at the park. It’s about a 5-minute event, and once finished, you’ll be allowed to freely roam around Hot Wheels Park with the Baja Bone Shaker as your first unlocked ride. It’s that easy!

Once you get to this point you’ll be free to drive around both Mexico and the Hot Wheels Park in the Baja Bone Shaker, as well as complete challenges in order to unlock your next vehicle, the Deora II. The Baja Bone Shaker is actually a fantastic car to drive and the tracks throughout its rookie ranking are all dedicated to its strengths.

Hot Wheels has proven to be a gigantic expansion for Forza Horizon 5. With 9 other vehicles to unlock, you can be sure that’ll we’ll be publishing more hot-to guides on how you can unlock the rest of the livery.

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