Nier Replicant
 Nier Replicant

Like other games in the Nier and Drakengard series (the two will be connected if you don’t already know), Nier Replicant has multiple endings. They are vital to understanding Nier Replicant, because you won’t understand the “why” behind the character’s actions after playing the game for the first time. To review all endings, you need to replay most of the game, but you don’t need to replay the entire game, so don’t panic too much.

Ending A

To see “Ending A”, you only need to complete the game the first time. It’s simple, right? If it is. During this race, you can do a few things to make it easier to unlock later endings, for example, get as many weapons as possible and complete auxiliary tasks that can reward you with the weapons you need.

Ending B

At the beginning of the way to the end B, they will take you a little after the beginning of the second act; this is basically the middle ground of the game. Continue to play the game as usual, but pay attention to the new scenes playing on this route. This time, you will also have subtitles for the dialogue from a specific angle.

Once it’s done, complete the last boss again and you will see the new ending. You can now also access 15 nightmare content on Route B (previously DLC for the original game). You can access this shelf by checking the leftmost shelf in the protagonist’s house on the first floor.

Actually, it’s three sets of five combat areas that you need to clear. You can get a total of three weapons (one for each series), which are part of the weapons required to unlock later endings. Since you previously earned the reward for the third weapon, you do not have to complete the last battle of the third group. However, if you have problems in this situation, you can go back to the top-level C / D path and perform this operation.

Ending C And D

To finish C and finish D, you will need to obtain all the weapons in the game, a total of 33 pieces. You can get all of these in the second run of Channel B without worrying about them, because your inventory will carry over after every previous ending. For more details on how to do this, be sure to use our guide to getting all the weapons in Nier Replicant.

Once you have all the weapons, you need to put them to the end of the game and fight the final boss again. (Make sure you use the save point before entering the last dungeon and don’t overwrite it, so you can reload it for the next ending.) This time, there will be a new final boss after. After this new ending, you can choose to do (the following is a light but essential spoiler).

After defeating them, the system will provide you with one of the following two dialogue options: kill the boss or save it. Choosing to kill them will reward you with ending C – we will 100% recommend that you watch it first, and once completed, reload the save data before entering the final dungeon, and then fight various enemies and bosses again. Once you have defeated the new ultimate boss again, you must choose to save it now. Yes, you will have to give up your saved data. Then you will see the end D.

Ending E

Now, visit the new content of this version of Nier Replicant. After deleting the data, you will have to create a new game from scratch. However, you may find some subtle oddities here and there. In any case, you must complete the first part of the operation before entering the new content.

This new scene begins after you defeat the giant Shade and speak to Kaine at The Aerie during the second main visit here; It takes around two to three hours to maintain the game, but this new scene takes about half an hour to two hours. and it’s crazy. It is certainly worth the effort to get to this point.

Future battles can be challenging, but this is something you can’t beat. The whole ending is very good. Not only will you get rewards from the E ending, but you will also get sizable rewards at the end.