Automata are small machines that follow you in Biomutant. They are useful machines with useful benefits and capabilities. It is a mechanical grasshopper-like NPC, he will be by your side throughout the game. Although it looks like a simple pest tracker, it can do more for you.

The automaton can help you fight, provide you with treatment and can also provide you with specific items and supplies . Players will have to go a long way when going through the main “Biomutant” story. Even if the journey is far away, we will not fight alone.

Players can obtain automata upgrades by completing an additional side-quest called Mirage. To unlock the side missions, you will have to find a huge bear-shaped NPC with a lamp, which is easy to spot due to its size. After you find him, go to him and Mirage’s search will start automatically.

This task is more of a background story, so you don’t need to do much, just wait for it to complete. After the Mirage mission is over, you can choose to perform one of four upgrades for Automaton. Let’s see what the update is.

Health Injector: This will allow the automata to increase your health especially during combat. This skill has a cooldown, so you will not be able to use it for a short time.

Power-up: This will allow the automata to increase the damage you cause in battle. This skill has a cooldown, so use it wisely.

Airglider: When you jump from a high place in the game, the air glider will be activated. It allows you to glide in the air (almost fly) and move faster in the game.

Pew-Pew Turret: This will make the automata fight side by side with you in battle and cause certain damage to the enemy.

To get all the upgrades you have to repeat the same process when you discover the bear-like NPC again. That was all you needed to know about the Automaton and its upgrades.