In Minecraft, players can use many commands to generate items and change the world around them. One of the commands used by players in most versions of the game allows them to teleport themselves or Minecraft creatures to a new location. Unlike many other commands in Minecraft, players can use this command on themselves or mobs and players can also move to spawned.

Players can use teleportation if they have OP permissions. This allows players to eliminate threats by teleporting them, join friends by zooming in on their locations, or even just want to generate and explore new locations in their Minecraft. Note: those still playing on the Wii U, PS3, or Xbox 360 will not be able to use it.

How to Teleport in Minecraft Java Edition

In order to teleport to a new or old location:

teleport <location or destination>

If players want to teleport someone or something else:

teleport <target(s)> <location or destination>

All Java Teleportation commands:

  • teleport <destination>
  • teleport <location>
  • teleport <targets> <destination>
  • teleport <targets> <location> [<rotation>]
  • teleport <targets> <location> facing <facingLocation>
  • teleport <targets> <location> facing entity <facingEntity> [<facingAnchor>]
  • To teleport a player to the Nether, use the Overworld’s coordinates :
    the_nether run teleport <destination>

How to Teleport in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Those using the Bedrock Edition will have to be more precise to get their target. First, they will need x, y, and z coordinates for where they want to Teleport or where they want to Teleport another target.

  • teleport <x, y, z coordinates>
  • teleport <victim: target> <x, y, z coordinates>

Players can also add a [checkForBlocks: Boolean] at the end of command to ensure that they don’t teleport inside of blocks and die.

All Bedrock Edition Teleportation commands are:

  • teleport <destination: x y z>
  • teleport <destination: x y z> [yRot: value] [xRot: value]
  • teleport <destination: x y z> facing <lookAtPosition: x y z>
  • teleport <destination: x y z> facing <lookAtEntity: target>
  • teleport <victim: target> <destination: x y z> [yRot: value] [xRot: value]
  • teleport <victim: target> <destination: x y z> facing <lookAtPosition: x y z>
  • teleport <victim: target> <destination: x y z> facing <lookAtEntity: target>
  • teleport <destination: target>
  • teleport <victim: target> <destination: target>

Some point of faliures:

  • If a player added the Boolean check and the area has block in it, like a Minecraft smooth stone.
  • If a player misspelled the name.
  • If the player tries to send an entity to the same location as another entity, but the entity is not online or there are multiple instances of the entity.
  • If the coordinates of the location exceeds x [-30000000, 30000000), or y [-20000000, 20000000).