Do you know if you can store fruits in Blox Fruits? Yes, you will be able to do so with the help of the Treasure Inventory. There are various things you should be aware of if you intend to sell fruits, and we will go over all of them right here.

How to Store Fruits in Blox Fruits?

The Second and Third Seas are locations where players can store fruits. More specifically, you must locate the Treasure Inventory at The Cafe near Inventory in Second Sea and the Mansion at the Blox Fruit Dealer in Third Sea. When you get at this spot, you must access the Treasure Inventory by clicking on it. On the next immediate, click Continue.

You should now see a window where you may double-click on your fruit to add it there. This will move the fruit from the CURRENT section to the STORED section. If you find yourself hauled out, click Exit. As the labels suggest, whatever fruit you are now holding will be seen beneath Current. When you switch it to the Treasure Inventory, it will appear beneath STORED.

Why Store Fruits?

storing blox fruits for trading

If you come across a fruit while playing this game and don’t want to eat or dump it, you may save it by locating a Treasure Inventory. Keep in mind that fruits that can be preserved become undroppable forever (max 1 of every fruit). As a result, if you take out a fruit that you’ve kept, you won’t be able to drop it. However, you will be able to trade it with other players or give it to Mysterious Scientist, Arowe, and Trevor as part of the Cyborg mission. Here’s where you may trade fruits with other players in the game; remember to check all of the requirements to activate purchasing and selling.

Things to Keep in Mind whereas Storing

  • Players can solely retailer one in all each fruit within the Treasure Inventory.
  • If you might be solely on the Sea 1 stage, this gained’t be obtainable to you but.
  • You also can retailer Gamepasses right here.
  • If you might be holding a fruit (even a saved one) and find yourself dying, you’ll lose the fruit.