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Elden Ring

Invasion of other players is a fun way to use the multiplayer capabilities in Elden Ring. While the realm of this game is already filled with dangerous and strong enemies, you may increase the difficulty by asking gamers to invade you and engage in PvP battles. But what if you don’t want to be infiltrated by other players? Can you avoid invasions by disabling the settings in the Settings menu?

How to Avoid Getting Invaded in Elden Ring?

how to prevent invasions elden ring

To avoid invasions in Elden Ring, you need to play offline. Head to Main Menu > System > Network > Default Behavior > Play Offline.

There is no setting that allows you to turn off invasions while keeping co-op options enabled. However, you may still enjoy the game, which is largely a single-player title with over 100 hours of playtime. Players won’t have to worry about other players coming in and murdering them, and the difficulty will remain the same.

If you change your mind and decide to invade other players, you can do so if you’re on the same platform. To invade another player’s realm, you must use the Bloody Finger multiplayer item. You must vanquish the Host of Fingers if the invasion is successful. Finger Phantoms may be used as goods in invading multiplayer games. You can also try to invade the same world you have invaded before.

With the Taunter’s Tongue, you can call for others to invade your world. You can get invaded without a Furled Finger cooperator present. It will also reduce the duration of re-invasion and let a second invader join in.

If you need assistance, you should use the White Cipher Ring which is able to mechanically request a hunter from one other world that will help you out when you’re invaded. Similarly, with the Blue Cipher Ring, the wearer turns into “ready” to reply if somebody asks for assist in one other world.