Assassins Creed Valhalla Wrath Of The Druids DLC
AC Valhalla Wrath Of The Druids

I purchased the third expansion for this game, but I’m not sure how to start and enter Dawn of Ragnarok in AC Valhalla. To be honest, it may be a little complex because there are certain specific requirements that must be met. To get started, follow these instructions.

How to Start Dawn of Ragnarok DLC Content in AC Valhalla

In order to wield otherwordly powers of a God, it’s worthwhile to full just a few steps beforehand.

  • In your primary save of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, level up Raventhorpe to stage 3.
  • Complete the “A Wise Friend” quest. This will allow you to full the Seer’s Hut constructing.
  • Install the Dawn Of Ragnarok DLC.
  • Search for the Restless Dreams quest in Raventhorpe (Quest log) and begin it.
  • You must speak to Valka throughout this quest as a result of she is going to ship you to the following step. Once you see the target “Place the mistletoe around the ritual circle”, you’re on observe to full the Restless Dreams quest within the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC in AC Valhalla.

To play the DLC content material from Svartalfheim, the recommended energy stage is 340. But in case you are at a decrease stage, there are a number of methods to go about it:

  • You can enhance your energy stage within the base game naturally and THEN entry this DLC.
  • You can increase your character (however it’s going to have an effect on your base game expertise that the devs intend you to have).
  • Third possibility is that you’ll be able to play Dawn Of Ragnarok like a stand-alone DLC where something you do won’t be carried over or affected in your primary game save. (This works with restrictions).
how to access dawn of ragnarok assassins creed valhalla

Boosting your Character for Dawn of Ragnarok – What do you Get within the Boost?

If you attempt to entry it whereas being underpowered, you will note a warning. “You are currently below the recommended Power Level and will face challenges that could be extremely difficult if using your existing progression. A boost can be used to enhance your character and play the Expansion.”

Use the underside immediate for Learn More and it’s best to see one other new message:

  • You can select to play Dawn Of Ragnarok together with your present energy stage or BOOST your character.
  • This increase will enhance your Power Level and Stats to 340.
  • You will get a mortgage of a Mythical high quality Gear set.
  • You will get a mortgage of Level 2 Abilities set.
  • All XP and Skill factors that you simply earn and the whole lot you loot/improve whereas taking part in Dawn Of Ragnarok shall be stored when returning to England.
  • Remember: All that’s loaned to you by the Boost is just out there whereas taking part in Dawn Of Ragnarok.

Employing the Boost when on a low energy level may have an influence on your gaming competence. When you return to England, you may have obtained end-game Gear and increased your Power Level significantly — far more than the expected progression would have.

  • If you’re certain, select YES for the increase to play Dawn Of Ragnarok.
  • If you don’t need this DLC content material to have an effect on your base game’s development, select NO BOOST.

How to Access Dawn Of Ragnarok Later?

  • On the main menu, click on on New Game and verify the creation of 1.
  • You will see two choices – Valhalla and Dawn Of Ragnarok.
  • In Valhalla, you’ll be able to play the principle story.
  • Dawn of Ragnarok will let you just play the growth tale (with limitations). The limits are explained in the following display – you may be constrained to playing in that environment, miss important plot elements, have predetermined weapons/gear, and receive minimal lessons for game fundamentals. Continue if you’re cool with these.