Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Players should know that at least in “Resident Evil Village”, you can’t do your best in all situations. There are several locations in Resident Evil Village, and the only way out is to coordinate all the clues. Beneviento’s house is a place full of puzzles, one of which is the music box puzzle. Let’s see how to fix the music box puzzle in “Resident Evil Village”.

The music box puzzle is one of the many puzzles that you have to solve if you want to get out of the Beneviento house. After the creepy doll talking cutscene, you will see another doll on the table. After carefully examining all the things, you will find the winding key.

You will also find a ring, wash it in the sink, and head to the door. You will realize that the door is closed, use the ring, and inside the door you will find the code to open the door. Go to the elevator, you will see a pop-up door, enter, you will see the music box on the table.

Go to the music box and use the winding key to open the panel. Now you have another problem. You need to rearrange the parts of the music box to make it work. This can be very confusing and time consuming, and this is where we want to intervene.

You need to align the scratches on the part so that the part forms a straight line. To keep things simple, start with Part 3 and then switch from Part 5. Select the third again and change with the fourth, then change the third with the second part, and finally change the third with the first part.

This will solve the puzzle and Ethan’s wedding song will start playing. After that, the box will open and you will find some tweezers.

Use the Tweezer to get the film out of the Doll’s mouth which will lead you to another puzzle eventually leading you out of the house. This is all you need to know about how to solve the Music Box Puzzle