glowshrooms in Tower of Fantasy
Image via Perfect World / Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy has a lot going for it. In such a large open world, this free-to-play anime MMORPG has a lot of content for you to sink your teeth into. One such element of the open road is the puzzles, which can be solved for rewards and for late-game completionist sake. Nothing too complex or brain-busting, but just tricky enough to be a satisfying solve for a nice reward.

Along your travels, you may find gatherings of Glowshrooms, large blue mushrooms that have a slight sparkle and glow. These naturally occurring shrooms are actually a puzzle, waiting for you to interact with them to spring you a prize. But how do you solve them?

This puzzle is simple, and doesn’t require too much thought or any external resources or tools, so if you chance upon a gathering o glowshrooms, I would advise you to divert your course to quickly solve the puzzle and move on.

All the glowshrooms require you to do is to jump on them in a certain order. That’s right, it’s that simple.

Upon bouncing on the first correct glowshroom, it will light up a brilliant blue, with sparkles shooting from the cap. this indicates that the glowshroom is ‘active’. You then need to find the next glowshroom and bounce on it. If the reaction is the same, then you now know that that glowshroom is the second one in the sequence.

If you land on the wrong glowshroom, then the cap will only give off a dull, light reaction, as opposed to the great display from the other mushrooms. This will also deactivate the other glowshrooms, so you will need to remember the sequence and bounce on them again accordingly.

Once you have bounced on all the glowshrooms, then your reward will be waiting for you in the centre of them, waiting for you to go up to it to claim it.

Do all of that, and not only will you have your reward, but you will be adding up your exploration tracker, eventually giving you even more rewards!

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The glowshrooms also serve a purpose outside of the puzzle, as they will break your fall if you jump on them from a great height. Keep an eye on Gamer Journalist for more tower of Fantasy content.