Splitgate has recently achieved unprecedented success due to which servers got overloaded. The player had to wait up to 90 minutes. Some people resort to using queue skipping software, but are they effective? What is the impact of its use?

You should never use any third-party software to bypass the queue on Splitgate. The developer (1047 Games) has banned the accounts of players who tried to do so. Due to the explosive popularity of this game, naturally many players can’t wait to jump directly into the game.

Recently the waiting time has improved significantly. Now that the developers have updated their servers, the waiting time will no longer be as long as 90 minutes. The latest tweet from the developer stated that the expected queue time is even less than 2 minutes.

During peak hours, the waiting time will be less than 30 minutes from now on. As they continue to scale, it will shrink further. When the game is actually launched, they will attract many players to flock to test the game.

Therefore, sometimes servers may stop working due to maintenance, but they will be backed up and all information will be posted on the Twitter account @Splitgate and @SplitgateStatus.