How to Shoot a 5 Star in Way of the Hunter
Image via Nine Rocks Games/THQ Nordic

The best hunters, in my experience at least, are the ones that work swiftly and precisely. If you have to kill an animal, you want to do it quickly and cleanly, even if you need to prepare for a few hours just to set up that quick, clean kill. In Way of the Hunter, the best kills, the 5 Star ones, are those kinds of kills. Here’s how to shoot a 5 Star in Way of the Hunter.

To get a 5 Star shot in Way of the Hunter, you need to employ what I like to call the 3 Ps: Preparation, Punctuality, and Precision.


When you find your quarry, you need to study it like a hawk. Get down all the details you possibly can about its behavior, its habitat, and perhaps most importantly, its bodily functions. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get a 5 Star shot on your first try. Clean kills require study and practice, and besides that, you won’t know where an animal’s vitals are until you can personally take a closer look at one.

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To track your prey, you need to move like clockwork: perfectly tuned and expedient. You need to move quickly to track your prey’s movements, quickly find a safe, undetectable vantage point, and quickly set yourself up to take a shot. And if and when your prey goes on the move again? You need to pick up, ship out, and reset up just as quickly. The name of the game is quick, silent, and efficient.

How to Shoot a 5 Star in Way of the Hunter
Image via Nine Rocks Games/THQ Nordic


This is the most important part. In order to get a 5 Star kill, you need to kill your prey cleanly. This means taking them down in only one shot, two tops. You need to match the kind of gun you’re using to your prey’s physiology (e.g. a higher caliber weapon for larger, sturdier animals), you need to know how far your bullet can realistically fire, and you need to know where all of their vital points are.

As you’re watching through your scope, wait for a window of opportunity to take a shot at their brain, heart, or spinal cord. A clean shot in any of those locations is an instant kill. In addition to that, though, you want to try and shoot those spots while disturbing as little of the rest of the animal as possible. If they’re absolutely riddled with bullets, it’ll be a complete mess, and messes don’t get stars. You want a clean, in-and-out shot right between the eyes, chest, or back.

Watch your prey carefully until you’re 110% they’ll be standing still for a while, and take your shot. If you put the work in, you’ll plug them instantly in the best way possible.