dizzy floppa in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

Find the Floppa Morphs, by BIG PLAY is an incredibly Roblox ‘find the’ game that sees players searching for Floppas that they can turn into once found. With over 300 morphs to find and many maps to find them on, both completionists and casual players can find fun with this game. Speaking of fun, there may be one floppa who has had a little too much. The Dizzy Floppa has been on one too many rides. If you want this morph for your collection, then here is your guide on finding the Dizzy Floppa Morph in Find the Floppa Morphs.

How to find the Dizzy Floppa in Find the Floppas

This Floppa is hiding out in the Theme Park map, so you must select that map from the map menu upon entering the game. The hint tells us to look upon a spinning ride, but there are so many rides!

The Dizzy Floppa morph can be found represented as a spiral at the end of the Dizzy Obby. You’re going to need a strong sick tolerance to find this morph!

Finding the Dizzy Obby

To find the Dizzy Obby, we must search for the spinning ride as the hint reveals. Upon spawn, the entrance to the theme park will be in front of you.

theme park spawn in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

Walk in and then walk past the first set of rides. There will be a ride to the right side of the path that has blue lightning bolts jutting from the top. This ride has many seats and has a green square on the top, inside the ring of blue lightning bolts.

That green square is actually a teleporter, and you must climb the ride and step on it.

dizzy floppa obby entrance in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

Upon stepping on the teleporter, you’ll be sent to the Dizzy Obby.

Claiming the Dizzy Floppa Morph

Now in the Dizzy Obby, four spinning obstacles confront you.

dizzy floppa obby in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

Upon touching the spinning red bars, you will be sent back to the start. You must sprint past the vertical ones and jump carefully around the horizontal ones to pass this obby. Due to the engine capacity, the spinning rods may not have a smooth rotation, so keep that in mind as you jump over them. They may act unpredictably.

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finding dizzy floppa in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

On the other side, the Dizzy Floppa Morph awaits you! Touch it to claim it.

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