finding the catzo marker in find the markers
Screenshot by GJ / markers epic memers

Find the Markers, by markers epic memers, is a big Roblox ‘find the’ ardour mission, with 211 markers to gather. With such a spread of simple and troublesome markers, completionists and informal gamers could have a good time. But of all of the markers, there is just one who callbacks to a controversial level in Roblox historical past. If you want to commemorate this second by discovering a marker, then that is your guide. Here is how one can discover the Catzo Marker in Find the Markers.

When you spawn in, to search out this marker, you needn’t move from where you spawn in.

spawn in find the markers
Screenshot by GJ / markers epic memers

You may search everywhere in the map in Find the Markers and never come near discovering this marker. That’s right, this marker will not be obtainable within the regular style, so possibly it’s a great job you discovered this guide. The trace merely says ‘laugh clip’, which is of little or no use to anybody looking for it.

This marker is one other marker that makes use of the chat, or shout, operate to progress. Opening chat (by pressing ahead slash) or opening the shout operate (the speech button on the underside bar), you have to kind in ‘/e laugh’. This is the command for the snort emote, which is a free emote gamers can begin with, just like the dance ones.

You is not going to begin laughing, nonetheless, as an alternative you may be teleported to a yellow brick room, with the Catzo Marker on the finish. Go as much as the marker to say it as your individual.

the catzo marker in find the markers
Screenshot by GJ / markers epic memers

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This marker commemorates the YouTuber Catzo, or CurtifiedYT, a YouTuber with 95K subscribers. This YouTuber had managed to take advantage of the game utilizing the emote system, one thing that the builders shortly patched. This did contain outright banning all emotes within the game nonetheless. Seriously, strive it. You can now not emote in Find the Markers due to Catzo. The builders did give his channel a shoutout, so I’d say they’re even.

To immortalize that second, the builders gave Catzo his personal marker, to affix within the gilded halls of YouTube Markers, such because the Dream Marker, the Markerplier, and the Flamingo Marker.

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