It is an extremely difficult task to spend the volcanic winter in Frostpunk. Most professional Frostpunk players cannot reach their location without freezing several times in this process. Even so, few people have conquered the ever-daunting Survival Mode. In other words, the survival experience here is learned, no matter how the player chooses to face it.

This means that for players who are new to the harsh and unforgiving winter, they need to make sure that they know everything before starting Frostpunk. This includes this guide, which focuses on how to rotate a building. Building rotation may sound simple, but Frostpunk is as ruthless about tutorials and the weather. As the leader of the last city on earth, trying to figure out the mechanism can be a little frustrating.

Of course, some players have played the entire game without changing the direction of their buildings once. To rotate a building in Frostpunk, everything starts with the mouse wheel. However, unlike most survival simulators, the player must first click the middle mouse button. After this, players will be able to rotate the buildings and guide them as they see fit.

Now that one of the most frustrating mechanics in the game has been resolved, players can first focus on what makes Frostpunk so difficult. If the basic tutorial is not ruthless enough, then this game is known for its difficulty for players. One thing that often catches players off guard is that there are many different variables to consider, which means that if the player is not diligent, there is inevitably a risk of being ignored.

Difficulties aside, the game is still challenging and worth a try if possible. The Epic Games Store recently listed Frostpunk as a free game of the week, so any financial commitments shouldn’t be a problem. At the time of release, the PC version scored 84 points and the PS4 version scored 87 points, which makes this game worthwhile. Not to mention, the strong winds and difficult choices imposed on the player did not make the game easier to run.