Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

Ashley Williams is one of the first squads you meet in the “Mass Effect” series, and if you are like many players, she will be your first character to taste romance. Easier said than done, because you have to choose the right dialogue options and actions to attract her. So we don’t blame you for having to help figure out how to romanticize Ashley in Mass Effect.

In “Mass Effect 3” it will take more effort to romanticize Ashley because Ashley is a pseudo-hidden teammate in the game. She can only be recruited if you understand the story, and if you have a good relationship with her.

To do this, you can make friendly dialogue decisions when you talk to her and talk to her at the hospital as much as possible after sending her there to restore the story. If you are romantic with her in the first game, you don’t have to convince her to continue to like you. If you didn’t make her romantic in the first game, or if you chose to make the others romantic in “Mass Effect 2,” then you will have a hard time winning.

Then after her release from the hospital, you must convince her to turn against Councilman Udina when he sides with Cerberus. As long as you maintain a good reputation with her, she will be against him. Otherwise, you should use “charm” or “intimidation” to convince her not to. If you do not convince her, they will shoot her to stop Udine.

After that, she will meet with you near your ship to discuss rher eassignment. If you’re in good standing, you can recruit her for the ship right away. Otherwise, you must use “charm” or “intimidation” to convince her to join you. She will then become a permanent member of the class and can be spoken to her on the starboard observation deck in Normandy.

From there, singing and dancing will be just like any other squadmate. Talk to her as much as you can, flirt when options are available, and use all the conversations available to her. At the end of the game, you can choose to romanticize her before the final duel with Reaper.

That should cover everything you need to know about how to romance Ashley in Mass Effect.