How To Ride Lox In Valheim
How To Ride Lox In Valheim

After much demand from players, in Valheim’s Hearth and Home Update, you can ride a Lox. This was a much needed feature that gamers have been asking for for a while as now you can traverse the lands through animals and not only on foot. Riding Lox isn’t the only feature in this new update, you can name your pets too.

To ride a lox, you must first tame one. The next item you will need to ride on Lox is the Lox saddle. After you’ve prepared both, simply equip the Lox saddle on the tamed Lox. Now you can mount your Lox and traverse the lands easily. If you don’t know how to tame a lox or how to make a lox saddle, read further.

As the strongest animal in Valheim, Lox is also one of the hardest to tame. To get the Lox under control, you need to sneak behind him first. Then throw some cloudberries or barley and repeat this to tame Lox. It takes a lot of time and effort, but eventually you’ll tame Lox.

To make a Lox saddle, these items require 20 Linen thread, 15 Black metal, and 10 Leather Straps and it can be crafted at workbench. You can also give Lox a nickname so enjoy your ride.

How to Ride Lox and Craft Lox Saddle in Valheim

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