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How To Fix Unable To Establish Connection in Helldivers 2


How To Fix Unable To Establish Connection in Helldivers 2

On: February 24, 2024

Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

If you’ve been playing Helldivers 2, you may find yourself experiencing a couple of errors. One of these errors may say that the game is “unable to establish connection.” These errors can appear at any time, but typically occur after the first cutscene. If you need help fixing these errors, this guide will help you repair the game so you can get back to wreaking destruction in Helldivers 2.

Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment.

There are multiple methods you can use to fix these errors, and at least one of them should work for you. The first fix is quite obvious and is one of the first fixes you should try.

For the simplest fix to this error, try restarting your PC. Although it may seem ridiculous, it refreshes everything on your system and gives the game a fresh start-up. More often than not, restarting fixes most things.

If you are still unable to fix the error, you should verify your game files. There may be a broken file within the game, and it needs fixing. If you are on Steam, this is how you do it:

  • Locate Helldivers 2 in your library
  • Right-click and click Properties
  • Click on Installed Files
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files

This will scan the files and check for any broken or missing files, which can then be downloaded again and replaced.

If you’re experiencing this issue out of the blue for the first time, make sure to check the Arrowhead support pages to see whether there is an ongoing issue with the servers or whether the issue is on your end. It’s possible that the game servers are experiencing some kind of interruption or outage.

Disabling crossplay may also be the saving grace if you are unable to establish a connection in Helldivers 2. By having crossplay enabled, the servers become overwhelmingly congested. If you plan to play with friends on the same platform, you can safely deactivate this setting.

Finally, you can contact the support team if you have tried everything on this list and the game still isn’t working. Ultimately, it should not come to this, and one of the fixes should work, but in the event it doesn’t reach out to the support team.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix the “unable to establish a connection” error in Helldivers 2.