How to Repair the Farmhouse in Ooblets
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Housing tasks are cool as a result of they begin out as tough ideas and concepts, and also you get to see them progressively take form right earlier than your eyes. In Ooblets, as an example, the farmhouse that comes along with your starter farm is a broken-down piece of crud, however with a little bit of ingenuity, you may make it an excellent dwelling. Here’s the way to restore the farmhouse in Ooblets.

When Mayor Tinstle first supplies you along with your farmland after serving to her out, she additionally features a farmhouse so that you can dwell in. Unfortunately, it’s in tough form, with a naked wooden exterior that’s lined in holes. Before you may flip your farmhouse into one thing resembling an precise dwelling, you’re going to want to repair it up.

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In order to restore the farmhouse, you’re going to want to get the next supplies collectively:

  • 12 planklets
  • 8 nurnies
  • 5 clothlets

Where to Find Repair Materials

How to Repair the Farmhouse in Ooblets
Image through Glumberland

Planklets are little bits of wooden, and as such will be obtained nearly wherever wooden is discovered. You can get planklets by clearing away logs and roots out of your farmland, fishing them up, or from sure Friendship Sticker rewards.

Nurnies are little green spring issues, normally showing as piles of nondescript junk when dropped on the bottom. Nurnies will be harvested by smashing rocks round your farmland, or by fishing them up.

Clothlets are a species of green, square-ish vegetation. You can discover complete Clothlet vegetation round Badgetown and forage them without spending a dime, but when there aren’t any, you’ll have to develop your individual. You should buy Clothlet seeds from Meed’s Seeds and plant them in your farm, where they’ll take three days to develop.

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Once you’ve acquired the entire supplies you want, you may restore your farmhouse. Once the farmhouse is repaired, you can even customise and broaden it at Manatwee. Manatwee sells furnishings, flooring, wallpaper, paint, and enlargement packs that enhance the dimensions of your farmhouse.