“Minecraft” can be surprisingly dangerous, and players will want to find a good weapon to ensure their safety. The trident is a strong long-range and melee weapon, very useful for people who want to ensure safety when entering dangerous locations. Although trident can be enhanced by enchanting, they cannot be crafted, so players need to take good care of them and frequently repair them.

The crafting table is an important tool for repairing the trident, because it will provide players with an easy way to complete the work. Players can combine two broken tridents on the workbench to repair them, although this will delete any enchantments they benefit from, so it is not ideal.

Fortunately, this is not the only way to fix the trident in Minecraft. Players can also choose to comb the damaged trident with the new trident on the anvil. The advantage of this is that the enchantment on the trident (if any) will be preserved, and the player will not lose some potentially very important privileges. Players who have two tridents that need repair and don’t worry about losing their enchantments can place them on a grindstone to retrieve the perfect trident.

The last way to repair the Trident is to use mending enhancement to repair it. You can find enhancement books by fishing, looting chests, trading with villagers, or by turning a villager into a Librarian. Then, the player can place the trident on the anvil, and then place the mending book in another slot.

Players without a trident will need to get one from Drowned, which is one of the most terrifying hostile creatures in “Minecraft”. The drowned zombies have met their end in water bodies and can spawn in any ocean biome or river biome at light level seven or less. If the player kills a Drowned, there is a small chance of dropping the trident. This is the only way to obtain the trident, and it cannot be crafted or obtained in any other way.

Although it is possible for the player to throw the trident in a ranged attack and then raise the trident again, the player cannot pick up the trident thrown by the drowning person. Therefore, the only way to obtain them is to do some good old-fashioned mob farming by the water.