Subnautica Below Zero
Subnautica Below Zero

Deep purple vents drop to 480 meters below the surface. A difficult place to reach, in Subnautica below zero. Players will have to venture into the deepest places of the oceans in search of some exclusive items. Deep purple vents are one of those places you will visit, which is at the depths of the game. Navigate through your path can be very difficult, since it becomes darker, more deeply, you go.

We will start the journey from the beginning of the game instead of the drop pod. From here, you will have to move 2 ticks right of the south on the compass. The dark purple vents are very deep, so we recommend that you use a sea truck and upgrade if possible.

After heading in that direction, you will pass the twisty bridges and continue on until you see the research center. Starting from the research center, move forward and downward in the southeast direction. You will reach the volcanic vent area, turn slightly to the left as you drive forward and stick to the edge of the biome.

You will see changes in the bottom of the ocean floor because you are slowly entering the purple vent area. There is also a direct route, but Leviathans are everywhere, which will completely damage your Sea truck. Sticking to the sides is a safer route, and players with basic sea trucks can also reach the dark purple vents. You will see a bend on the edge of the purple vent. Go ahead and you will see a drop zone.

Going to the crash site, you will see the wreckage of the Mercury 2 ship, and under the crashed ship, you will see a straight fall. Go to it, 300 meters deep, and you will reach Deep Purple Vents. There are various objects in the dark purple vent, such as ion cubes and some artifacts.